Monday, 3 March 2008

Making History - Issue Number 1

Welcome to the very first issue of the Perranuthnoe eNewsletter, I do believe we are making history!

Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those who have taken the time to comment on the village website, either in person or via email. I am very pleased to say that the response has all been positive. This lets me know that I am moving in the right direction with the site, thank you.

I would especially like to thank those that have been actively supporting the site namely; Andrea, Roz, Michael, Chris and Annie for making use of the Notice Board page, Chris for the leaflets, Pauline for her help with display problems on Mac computers and last but by no means least, Kevin and Val from Perranuthnoe Village Crafts, they not only encouraged me with words but they supported the site financially by being the first to pay for advertising on it and thus enabling it to come this far, thank you very much.

Village News Roundup

Oil Cartel - Approximately 20 households showed an interest in the Perranuthnoe Oil Cartel. Some were unable to take a delivery as they had only recently had one but were certainly looking to come on board later down the line.

The company used was Watsons of Redruth as they were the most responsive to what was trying to be achieved. Apparently this type of group buying is not unique.

It is felt that the scheme is worthwhile so Watsons will now deliver about every two months throughout the winter and every 4 months through the summer.

The price is worked out on the day of delivery by what is charged for a 10,000 litre delivery to a farming supply company (Mole Valley Farmers). A discount of about 2.5 pence a litre was achieved on a standard household delivery.

Households are free to join at anytime, it is non contractual and the price is transparent. Anyone interested in joining should contact Watsons on 01209 313366 and tell them you want to join the Perranuthnoe Oil Group, they will do the rest.

Boat Cove - There was a public meeting on 22/01/08 to set up an official group with an interest in keeping Boat Cove a usable, working amenity. The meeting was successful and a 'Boat Cove Association' has been formed.

A meeting between the newly formed association and Alistair Cameron from the National Trust took place on 31/01/08. It was established that planning permission would be needed for a new shed, which is looking like the only workable outcome as the old shed is beyond repair.

With this in mind a meeting was arranged for 15/02/08 with Penny Stokes from Penwith Council Planning Department. Penwith themselves recommended Penny, unfortunately she was not the right person to see as she only deals with listed buildings which the shed is not.

Ian Hicks, chairman of Boat Cove Association, has contacted Penwith Planning twice since but so far has only been sent forms to fill in. There is no fixed contact and Penwith appear to be uncooperative in this matter.


Fairtrade Fortnight - The Fairtrade Foundation is using Fairtrade Fortnight 2008 to increase understanding about how the impact of consumer decisions can help tackle poverty in the developing world.

Too many producers the world over remain at the sharp end of international trade, often forced to sell their produce for less than the cost of production. Similarly, too many workers in developing countries endure low wages, insecure working conditions and are often denied the right to join a trade union.

Incorporating Fairtrade products in to our daily shopping routine is a way to send a powerful message to industry and eventually force the conventional players to rethink the impact of their business models. Perranuthnoe Village Crafts stock Fairtrade products and are supporting this event by offering a 10% discount on all items marked with the Fairtrade logo throughout the fortnight.

Cowhouse Gallery - I have been contacted by Chloe Williams who tells me that the Gallery has undergone some changes since they were last open. They have lots of new members and a much broader range of work on show. They will also be open more and putting bigger efforts into advertising.

They are having an 'opening' on March 16th and Chloe says, "It's important to us that the local village is aware of the new, improved Cowhouse and we would like to invite anyone to the opening on the 16th, and any future events, and to also be aware that they are welcome to come have a browse and a chat anytime!"

More information about the opening will be published on the Notice Board page as soon as it becomes available.

Ednovean Farm will be holding their annual garden opening for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday 27th July 2008. Last year they raised over £700 for charity! More details of the opening will be published on the Notice Board page of the website and in future issues of the this newsletter.

Website Updates

I have been busy updating the site over the past few weeks. The Accommodation page is now up and running. Anyone with accommodation to advertise can now go to the website enter all their details and I will include them on the site.

There are some new additions to the Gallery page, Gerd & Carola Hubrich have been visiting Perranuthnoe from Germany for the past 14 years and have contributed some of their photos. There are also a couple of new additions to the weather album and some pictures of the anchor Geoff and myself discovered on the beach a couple of years ago.

The Links page. I want to make this page as useful as possible. I spend a lot of time on the web and so come across a lot of good sites as well as bad ones. I am building a collection of links to websites that I feel are good and may be of interest. I will be adding links regularly so keep checking back. There is also going to be a quick link section where I will put links to favourite sites like Argos, Tesco, M&S etc. Let me know if there is any links you would like to see there or any you think may be of interest to others. All the links will open in a new window so there is no worry about clicking on a link then getting lost, just close the window and you are back to the links page.

Lots of websites have special offers on but they only run for a couple of weeks so many people miss them. There are also snippets of information that I come across from time to time, not pertaining to Perranuthnoe but of interest generally so I have created a new site and called it Web Watch. I will post information on it as and when I hear about it and see how it goes.

Well that's it for this issue. Hope you found it interesting.
As usual 'comments and suggestions welcome'

Bye for now